Pokemon Set #13

A lot of these I made a LONG time ago and I realized they haven’t been posted up here yet. I’ve fallen off with Pokemon lately but they’ll all be done, I promise. However many years from now that’ll be ( SARCASM ALERT )

Lil’ Lukey 

Lil’ Lukey 


guess I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s not because I’ve been lazing around. So here’s what’s up:

1- Been working on Boss! Posted the world map above (before and after saving), it’s just an early test. Something to test color and styles with. Working on a cool teaser post, it’ll be here here soon I hope.

2- Joined a studio, working on a reel for an animated short I wrote currently called “Reach.” Posted a teaser up there, you’ll be seeing more later.

3- Doing a freelance commercial for my dad’s company. Might take awhile but you’ll see it up here eventually.

4- Pokemon still incoming, 41 more to go!


Pokemon Set #12

Triple Digits! Almost there, turkeys! These next ones are going to be the most fun too, I am very excited.

On somewhat predictable news, I’m working on Boss Nos again. Getting some thumbs drawn out for the first batch of strips. Very excited, hopefully some will drop soon.


Pokemon Set #11

Animation’s done (see below) so I can truck forward with the Pokemans. Hoping to really work ahead with these so I can get to animating again too. Almost 2/3 done, what’s even crazier is I still have 1/3 left to draw. The ladder 50 are definitely the coolest designs though so I am not complaining. Expect more up soon.



First of many, I definitely want to make this a series and have at least 3 more ideas thumbed out and ready to make. Tell yo friends, tell yo wife!


Drew a new Twitter picture for myself.

Also, I slightly more seductive one for my friend. 



Pokemon Set #10 

More here, more coming. 


Pokemon Set #9

Yup, there’s still coming, Technically past the half way point although it sure feels like I should be done by now. The ladder half are the fun ones anyways.


Pokemon Set #8

Some of my backlog. More coming soon